“They have the ability to create the atmosphere of our lives.” I wrote this down when reading a passage in Nelson Searcy’s book Tongue Pierced. There are so many ways I could go when writing on this topic. I’ll try to stay as possible. As I try to do with most posts.

Many times my daily readings bring up the power of words. Even the ones we use in our heads to create thought streams. They have the power to build and they have the power to tear down. It says over and over and over again. I think this ties into an earlier post I wrote on negativity.

How are you using your words everyday? I mean I know not every moment we spend each day is done so with compete seriousness. I’m just saying…Create the atmosphere YOU live in. Try building more often. Encourage others. Build Fallpicthem up too! Build yourself up! Smile big today! Inspire others to do so as well!Build! Build! Build! Build is a weird word if you type it enough times… Make like a tree and branch out! Building with ya words! Here is this pretty picture of one. I miss this part of fall.