You are already loved

When discussing the topic of being loved by others it seems many people have the belief that being loved is something that is EARNED and that are certain things we MUST do to up-keep LOVE by those who we give it to.

Amongst those wondering and fickle beliefs there are TRUTHS….and there are also LIES. Love is not something that has to be EARNED. I read once that it can only be given, but for two people to love each other they must be TRUE in nature.

It’s such a deep topic to stumble upon because there is really so much MORE to love and how we share/create it within our own individual and unique lives….yet CAN love be TRUE if we are not first TRUE to ourselves and others? With the ones we love? If they are true with us?

If we are untrue in our thoughts and actions, the way we carry ourselves even…that means our love is UNTRUE as well. It means our friendships, relationships, our families and everything we think we LOVE are built on a bed of broken truths. This is an extremely unsafe foundation for taking care of the people we love.  How people can let this happen?

I have nothing left to give but fight for truth everything single time. Even if it hurts. Even if it makes everything more complicated. Maybe it was built into my design. I will always be a warrior for it….so when I see people sad and hurting because they are exhausted by trying to EARN love from others. I want them to slow down for a minute and realize that TRUE love cannot be EARNED. The people who love you…already love you for who you are every single day.



Stop fearing

In some of my devotional notes recently I came across a topic that I don’t often come across…FEAR. Fearing what exactly?

—What we have to give and share with others in this world .

How many times might we have missed out on an opportunity to lend support, ideas, inspiration, encouragement,  or our possibly biased but selfless opinions on how to go from here on out? It is probably because we fear the possible judgment and criticism that goes along the vulnerability of sharing it with others.

Although you may have to use your best judgement on what exactly you should the long run what it really comes down to is whether you believe that what you have to give will positively affect that person and benefit/help others.

For example, I feel within the last year alone I have stepped up during times I would have normally been passive. In my head alot of the time I thought helping out just seemed too risky

—Would my friends judge me?

—Are they going to interpret what I have to say in a way which is totally NOT what I am going for here? !

—Does it come off as too much?

—They are totally going to think I am nuts. 

Just some random thoughts…you know that might pop up.

Over all lately I feel like I am ruthlessly not holding back in this department. Why? I took a couple pretty big leaps into the fearful abyss of what I had to give to others in the last year…and watching myself and others grow because of those leaps is probably one of the most rewarding things I have experienced. Not only do I feel stronger emotionally and spiritually…I have acquired lasting friendships built on a foundation of trust and hope. As well as friends and family who know I will be there for them no matter what.

Let others know….you are there for them.

Let them know they are loved.




Your Tribe will just ARRIVE.

How many times on social media have we seen our vibe attracts our tribe?  Over and Over AGAIN.

There is so much truth to that. Better yet looking around me, I see that my tribe just kind of arrived on its own.

Alot has happened since I left highschool > went to college > moved into a house with my friends for a summer > moved back home >moved to my boyfriends town > and landed where I am right now. Looking back I notice the most important friends I have are people who just kinda appeared. They came at times when I needed them the most and they helped me grow in the ways they were meant to. I really believe that.

I know we hear it over and over again that everything is meant to be like that but do we ever actually take a step back to recognize it in our own lives?

THINK ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE. Who are they for you?


Do we even really realize how amazing our friends are? I mean I am so grateful for the people that have stuck by me. That’s the thing though they came and they hung-out and along the way they stuck and that was that.

My tribe arrived. MY TRIBE ROCKS….as in they are my rocks. The pieces in the foundation of who I am and why I can be strong.

I am a dork. Love you guys bye.


Don’t let the Worst people….

Don’t let them win. Don’t let people with an overall negative presence affect you negatively. There just seems to be so many of them out there lately!

I feel like its almost negative to write a post along these lines….when in theory people are more complex then just being a nice person or an mean one. I really just think something I have noticed lately about adulting, is that bullies STILL EXIST!!! I don’t know I guess I just thought that when people became ADULTS they grew a sense of MATURITY….where bullying wouldn’t be a thing anymore. But I GUESSED WRONG. lol

When bullies are mad. Practice staying calm.
When bullies throw a fit….try your hardest not to throw a fit back.
When their taddling on you….don’t taddle back.
When their gossiping about you…don’t gossip back.

Focusing your energy onto the negative will bring you just that.

AKA When they are doing anything to harm you…be bigger they are. Try your best to make the situation. One thing I’ve noticed lately it is that miserable people will go out of there way to cause problems for you. For absolutely no reason. They will make a problem for us to deal with just to because they are the WORST kinda of person. The best we can do is try to not let it affect us and not let us hurt who we are. Stand unwavering. 

Don’t let them fool you into thinking your anything other then what you are.
Its almost like some people exist to cause problems for us and their punishment is that itself. There are just some people out there that really cant help but be everyone’s problem. The universe does not hold you accountable for THEIR character.

Choose to continue to move forward on a positive foot and don’t let them win.

Choose to be the PEACE. Choose to lead.

Remember to Listen

Listening is a powerful tool when it comes to relationships and family life but is often taken for granted in a busy modern electronic device filled world…

I challenge you to pay closer attention to it and the affect can have in your everyday lives by making listening to the important people in your life a priority


At the end of your day reach out to your loved ones and see how their days went. Usually….This question is followed by a simple answer somewhere along the lines of…”It was okay…It was normal…It was good…”

Unless you have a talker on your hands who is in touch enough with their talking side. In that case they’ll just spill the entirity of their day and put it up on the table for all to see..

Sometimes peoole aren’t really sure what you want to hear about their day…some probing questions might be needed to encourage people into talking mode. 



It keeps your relationships in a healthy place. It shows to the other person that you care about their day and how it went. It shows that you are interested in their life not just your own experience from day to day. It creates intamacy and a geunine care inside of your relationships with others. 

It makes everyone feel appreciated.

Appreciation is soooooo important. It shows the other person you appreciate them and that you are there for them. That you are a safe open place to come to when someone needs to talk. 

Ways you can probe into the details of someone else’s day? Come up with some questions 🙂 you should know your loved ones well enough to have something in mind…little details…

Ask them everything and listen. <3


Bringing Gracefulness Back


Carrying yourself with Grace throughout everyday. 

Carrying yourself with Grace throughout the hills and the valleys of life. 

Carrying yourself with Grace even though the waves are crashing into you and also when the seas are calm. 

I feel like more than often we associate grace in terms of religion. Constantly being reminded that Grace forgives us for the wrongs we have commited throughout our lives. Thats some A++ stuff…but do ever stop to think about the Grace that we bestow on others? 

I feel like term itself is almost lost and forgotten amongst a younger generation where it is maybe not as cool to use Grace as a response to the world and the people around and closest to us.

Im trying to keep this as simple as possible really…like a mini awakening.

What does Grace mean to you? 

Grace to me is sometimes thinking before responding to people on fickle and fussy emotions. Which I admit can be hard caught up in moments.

 That is where sometimes I try to pause and ask myself If what I am trying to express to others may not be absorbed in such a way I might have intended it to be?Is what I am saying hurting anyone? Is what I have to say worth the way it might affect someone else? The fickleness of it though? Really.

During lifes tough conversations I try my best to be soft and understanding.

Its hard. Sometimes to even be aware of our own Grace

All we can do is try….and maybe just maybe bring Gracefulness back a little bit at a time. 

The Lack of Realness

I can’t remember where exactly it was I came across this phrase quiet recently. I believe it was within a youtube video about a cinematographer explaining his biggest struggles with creation in a modern world.

Who have we become?

Our generations biggest downfall argumentively could be it’s Lack of Realness.

What do you mean??!!

I mean we have anything we want at any time through the internet, tv, devices, but possibly the real thing.

In our human experience we grow by struggles and learning from them. We learn from the good times as well. The ups and downs show us who we really are as a person and who we can become. 

But what if alot of this experience is robbed from because we are too distracted to realize it is even there? 

Do we even have to truly look our problems in the face when it’s easier to eat ice cream and watch netflix? 

Do we really want to grow when we are pushing our problems aside over and over again. We don’t like pain and we don’t like suffering so we will do our best it distract ourselves from it.

We do things like binge watch netflix to avoid communicating and truly knowing the people around us. 

We do things like reading books or playing games on electronic devices instead of really sitting down and facing one another.

Talk about your hopes and dreams. Talk about what you need to feed your soul. Truly. Especially in romantic relationships. 

It seems so hard for two people to really communicate in ways that should be easy…but we lost track of how because there are cute outfits on instagram to be looking at or vloggers traveling the world…

But what about ourlives? The realness of them? 

A little bit of “me-time” on social media is good for the soul…but not the point to where we forget about our own.

People are becoming so distracted by their habits that they are loosing out on a rich-fulfilling realness of their own.

I think if we are going to fix this we must first assess what we are lacking.

If you feel motivated to restore the realness factor…stop running away from everything and face it head on. 

If you crave realness with those around you. Start by asking questions. Try your hardest to understand people with an open, non-biased, selfless heart. 

Cut the tv habits back a little/video games/distracting habits. Set aside time atleast once a week to really dig in with the people who are important to you. 

Assess with yourself. It dosent have just about your family/signifcant other. Be real with yourself too. 

Bring back the realness. Spend more time being true. 

A Cheerful Heart 

They say a cheerful heart is good medicine. It brings joy and happiness to those it meets. A cheerful heart to a cheer-filled soul. Which hope turns into a more cheer-filled community.

You can tell when one carries a cheer-filled heart around inside its caged home. It beats with a fire for life and for truth. 

Like the song says…Set a fire down in my soul that I can’t contain… that I can’t control. So that those around me can see the flames that it carries. So that they see hope with each smile… with each once of laughter. Let it burn like wild fire so that those around me catch fire too. 

A cheerful heart carries joy to new plces this way. A cheerful heart makes those smile when they need it the most.

A cheerful heart lists off things it knows will make you smile…until it brings a tinch of joy. 

A cheerful heart exudes true authentic joy just by being. The realest way is to just be you. Bear the gifts of what makes you YOU.

A cheerful heart will dance silly in front of you until you can’t have any other reaction but laughter. 

A cheerful heart will walk into a stale room and paint it with colors.

A cheerful heart is one of life’s mightyest glues that holds us together when we are falling apart. 

Be the glue. Carry a cheerful heart. <3