Bringing Gracefulness Back


Carrying yourself with Grace throughout everyday. 

Carrying yourself with Grace throughout the hills and the valleys of life. 

Carrying yourself with Grace even though the waves are crashing into you and also when the seas are calm. 

I feel like more than often we associate grace in terms of religion. Constantly being reminded that Grace forgives us for the wrongs we have commited throughout our lives. Thats some A++ stuff…but do ever stop to think about the Grace that we bestow on others? 

I feel like term itself is almost lost and forgotten amongst a younger generation where it is maybe not as cool to use Grace as a response to the world and the people around and closest to us.

Im trying to keep this as simple as possible really…like a mini awakening.

What does Grace mean to you? 

Grace to me is sometimes thinking before responding to people on fickle and fussy emotions. Which I admit can be hard caught up in moments.

 That is where sometimes I try to pause and ask myself If what I am trying to express to others may not be absorbed in such a way I might have intended it to be?Is what I am saying hurting anyone? Is what I have to say worth the way it might affect someone else? The fickleness of it though? Really.

During lifes tough conversations I try my best to be soft and understanding.

Its hard. Sometimes to even be aware of our own Grace

All we can do is try….and maybe just maybe bring Gracefulness back a little bit at a time.