On Keeping Hope– Be Hopeful

There are many things that will try to struck you down in this life, but maintaining your hope is very very important to staying on a true path. I realize not everyone who comes across my blog may be of faith…Yet to me that is the true meaning of evil in this world. The good vs evil. The true and untrue. The good angel vs the little devil on your shoulder who will you pay more attention too? Who will you let whisper into your ear? The devil and God. A war within ourselves maybe or watching others struggle in their own battles.

I can’t imagine anyone out there who would consciously want to loose this war. Yet we forget it all the time. Be conscious of what is happening to you, that the bad things that happen may be trying to bring you down. Instead of getting down about all that goes wrong… Bring hope to the table, and look true evil in the face and shout to the world… I WILL NOT LOOSE. I will win the war and put my biggest hopes for my plate. Good WILL prevail <3

Be someone who refuses to be attacked in this world. Stay focused on all of the good. Stay full of hope. When the negative comes your way don’t put any energy into it. There’s no time for that life is too short.