Kiwis are so Underrated

Like for real? Do you ever hear anyone talking about kiwis? Almost never are your friends like omg I had to best kiwi for breakfast. Like OMG. 

But…..They should be. Kiwis are like the bomb of fruit. The fruit bomb of immunity boosting goodness!!!!

Not long ago I was looking into foods that boost the immune system because…mine sucks. I am pretty sure of it. Everytime the work place plague comes around. I catch it. 

Needless to say…Kiwis came up…over and over again. They took me by surprise. So I bought some and stuck them in my fridge.

….Tried them later that night. Cut one in half and ate it with a spoon. I was INSTA like omg…WHAT?! These taste like fricken candy from heaven itself????! 

So needless to say….They taste good but tell us more!!!

Okay Things about Kiwis that make them awesome 101: 

I think facts explain themselves…

1 little  Kiwifruit is 106%-275% (Numbers vary ask the fruit.) of your daily Vitamin C intake needs! Some say it even surpasses an orange in Vitamin C levels. One kiwi is all you need to booost it! Boost that Immunity! 

They are packed full of Vitamins and Minerals that are good for our overall Health and Well-Being.

The antioxidants in them have been studied closely by scientists who claim they protect the DNA within the nucleus from oxygen-causing damage. As in they protect our precious DNA baby! This was figured out by scientists while studying phytonutrients. I just read it okay? Lots of times.

If you eat some kiwis in the middle of your cough whalloping cold. It might decrease those unpleasant cold symptoms. Or it might not. Worth a try.

In the long run….with a kiwifruits’ high level of Vitamin C it can protect from heart related issues like heart attacks and strokes

They also have good amounts of Fiber, Vitamin K, Potassium, Manganese, and Folate. But hey!  I’m no scientist so look into them for yourself. 

Remember boosting your immune system also helps protect against asthma and allergies as well. I always forget this but…the stronger you make that immune system the higher your chance to lessen asthma and allergy related annoyances like inflamed sinuses and inflammation in general. This inclues inflammation like arthritis as well. 

More often than not the kiwi is praised most high for its HEART related health benefits. Daw I knew I loved them.

Peace and Love