Here I am.

Here I am. Here I am found. The end to 2017 left me with a whirlwind of emotions which left me estranged from my blog. Writing was the last thing on my mind. I was left feeling worn, tired, and torn. In order to make room for healing and growth I focused inward and spent much time meditating on my each and every move. I have already written out a fair amount of content to share in the upcoming months and have decided to add some Vlogs to the mix as well.

I felt in 2017 that my blog did not need a face to it…I wanted people to be able to soak in my content without it needing one. However, my perspective is shifting and I believe sharing more of myself with my readers will help them to connect with me on a different playing field…Make it more “authentically me” in a way. There are also some things that I may be able express better through talking out loud it is just a different type of flow.

While I was gone…I was shocked to see how many people came back for posts and visited regularly. Thank you so much for the love. I am excited to start off 2018 with you guys.

Peace and Love

-Ashley. The voice at The Rooted Pine. <3






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