Free Yourself From Negativity


My first post from my old page. I refuse to leave these pieces behind on my journey forward. After all they are what started me reach out to the depths of the blogOsphere.

It might seem hard to do. Maybe you didn’t even realize that your thoughts have been somewhat negative. Maybe you didn’t even consider the possibility until you somehow stumbled upon this post. Really ask yourself this question. What amount of the thoughts I think on a daily basis are negative ones?

What might be some thoughts you could have that might be negative? Hmm….Really take the time today to think about it. Be AWARE and CONSCIOUS of the thought streams that run through your head today. Being aware that you think negative thoughts is the first step you can take on changing your mind state for the better.

Do you find yourself complaining a lot? That’s a good example of a negative thought stream and all the things that can stem out from that. Like a tree! (Branching out in every which way.) I mean I’m not going to sit here and tell you to stop that because I would be a giant hypocrite. Nobody’s perfect. Sometimes days are tough. Situations and people can become really frustrating and stray our thought stream from a peaceful happy calm place. All that really matters is WHAT we make of it.

Are you already aware that your a negative person? But secretly terrified that you can’t break free from it. There’s hope for you too. Real hope. I mean admitting we have negative tendencies is entirely better then being in denial from it. It’s like hey I might have a problem and being AWARE and wanting it to change for the better is already a step towards a brighter, more fulfilling. peace-filled, bubbly, LOVE FILLED MIND <3

Step 1: Knowing Negative thoughts need to Peace OUT.

Step 2: Becoming AWARE of WHEN those yucky thoughts come up consciously throughout your day.

Step 3: Practice being like hey, positive thoughts GO! When those super gross ones come up!

Step 4: Feel a little happy for yourself and the changes your making 😀 Have an ice cream sandwich. (or not.)
Never give up hope in anything ever. Hope is what holds it all together. <3 Future Negativity posts will be posted. As for other things.