Commit To Working Hard this Year

With the new year in full swing and all the resolutions and goals that have been popping up like daisy’s… The New Year is often a time when people decide to make changes in their lives hopefully for the better. One thing that is difficult for people is slowing down their busy every day lives to take more time to truly be themselves. I am hoping myself this year to not only commit to working hard in just one area of my life, but all of them.

I hope to commit to taking time to spend with those I love on a regular basis. Not just my parents. (Who are well deserving of my time I just don’t think I forget to visit them as much as others people.) I hope to commit to seeing my bestie who lives in Vermont more than I have since we graduated College. I hope to commit to seeing all the beautiful cousins I have more often. (Aunts and Uncles too.) I hope to commit to seeing our friends more often and less hermit-ing in to Netflix and Snacks. 😛 hate on me we all do it.

I hope to commit to my place of work and I hope with great intentions that they decide I am a right fit too. I hope to commit my time to working hard with the ever changing technology and to being a great new asset for the team.

I hope to commit to taking more time to do “me” things instead of being consumed into social media. Like what the latest trends are on the YouTube or all the things I can learn how to cook on Pinterest. (Without it there would be no hope in the kitchen for me.)  I hope to commit to writing more on a regular basis. I hope the use all the freed up time I have to be inspired and to inspire. I’ve been stressed out the last few months with alot of life changes which seem to drain me of my extra energy. I hope to commit have more energy by eating more energy producing foods and less sugary flour-y goodness. I hope to use that energy this year and commit to being more creative.

I hope to commit more time into really listening to people and to engage in their lives with more depth. I hope listen to them and understand what they are trying to express, their day to day lives,  and their need for reassurance instead of being so tied up and distracted by modern conveniences.

I hope to commit to slowing down, being in the moment, grateful for everything and Hard Work this year. I hope you commit to great things this year too.