That Post Card Life

You don’t have to fit into a post card LIFEI choose the phrase post card life because I am talking about fitting into a certain image that you might uphold for yourself or others. I feel like people often feel pressured to fit into a certain image. They then try molding their own life towards that image. If they don’t feel like they’ve made their lives similiar or close to that image they’ve had in their head that “post card life” if you will, they don’t feel happy or content at where they are now. They are constantly striving to get there to make their life into that post card, whilst similtaneoulsy missing the now.

For real…What about Ferris Beuller? If you dont stop to look at life once in awhile….will you miss it? Are you missing out on your own life while on the journey to your post card life?

This post is about cultivating gratitude for the now. Appreciation for the life you currently have and are living not the one you don’t feel great about until you get there. This is a constant every day reminder that what you have is enough. What you have is amazing, you have life and you will always have love. For yourself, family, friends, puppies,  and so on.