Don’t let the Worst people….

Don’t let them win. Don’t let people with an overall negative presence affect you negatively. There just seems to be so many of them out there lately!

I feel like its almost negative to write a post along these lines….when in theory people are more complex then just being a nice person or an mean one. I really just think something I have noticed lately about adulting, is that bullies STILL EXIST!!! I don’t know I guess I just thought that when people became ADULTS they grew a sense of MATURITY….where bullying wouldn’t be a thing anymore. But I GUESSED WRONG. lol

When bullies are mad. Practice staying calm.
When bullies throw a fit….try your hardest not to throw a fit back.
When their taddling on you….don’t taddle back.
When their gossiping about you…don’t gossip back.

Focusing your energy onto the negative will bring you just that.

AKA When they are doing anything to harm you…be bigger they are. Try your best to make the situation. One thing I’ve noticed lately it is that miserable people will go out of there way to cause problems for you. For absolutely no reason. They will make a problem for us to deal with just to because they are the WORST kinda of person. The best we can do is try to not let it affect us and not let us hurt who we are. Stand unwavering. 

Don’t let them fool you into thinking your anything other then what you are.
Its almost like some people exist to cause problems for us and their punishment is that itself. There are just some people out there that really cant help but be everyone’s problem. The universe does not hold you accountable for THEIR character.

Choose to continue to move forward on a positive foot and don’t let them win.

Choose to be the PEACE. Choose to lead.

On Keeping Hope– Be Hopeful

There are many things that will try to struck you down in this life, but maintaining your hope is very very important to staying on a true path. I realize not everyone who comes across my blog may be of faith…Yet to me that is the true meaning of evil in this world. The good vs evil. The true and untrue. The good angel vs the little devil on your shoulder who will you pay more attention too? Who will you let whisper into your ear? The devil and God. A war within ourselves maybe or watching others struggle in their own battles.

I can’t imagine anyone out there who would consciously want to loose this war. Yet we forget it all the time. Be conscious of what is happening to you, that the bad things that happen may be trying to bring you down. Instead of getting down about all that goes wrong… Bring hope to the table, and look true evil in the face and shout to the world… I WILL NOT LOOSE. I will win the war and put my biggest hopes for my plate. Good WILL prevail <3

Be someone who refuses to be attacked in this world. Stay focused on all of the good. Stay full of hope. When the negative comes your way don’t put any energy into it. There’s no time for that life is too short.

Growing Pains

I often believe that without troubles we would miss out on a lot of opportunities to grow. When times are hard and you feel like the weight of the world couldn’t bring you down any farther…. Remember that all painful struggles can be transformed into beautiful self-growth experiences.

You might think to yourself:

 “Some people have it so easy.“

 “Other people don’t have to deal with crappy situations like this…Why do I? ” Honestly? Why Me?

If you ask me.. I would never give up any of the times where life was tough! I don’t want to be a person who has everything handed to them and life is as easy as the breeze. I know that what life puts in front of me, I can handle it. Like they say “What won’t kill you, will only make you stronger.” There is so much truth to that!!!!!


Even though these times may not be the happiest, or most peaceful. I trust that there is a reason. I trust that I will grow. I trust that I will be stronger because of it. I myself trust in God.  I know that not all my followers have the same beliefs as me…but I trust in their journeys and beliefs as well and the humble peace that comes from growing pains.

Why? Because I know that those times stretch me in ways that make me uncomfortable but those are the times where I learn the most. They are also where I realize how grateful I am for all the good moments, experiences, people, and truth I do have in my life. They make me grateful for who I am and who I have become because of them.

“Wherefore I take pleasure in weaknesses, in injuries, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake for when I am weak, then I am strong.” <3

On Loving Others

So this has come up quite a few times over the last two weeks and has been relevant to so many situations I’ve come into lately. I shared this post on facebook and I’m going to re-share it here…

If your looking for a way to love others better….Here is a good start. Sometimes we don’t realize that even out of love we can cause hurtful and painfulsituations for those around us.

Original Post:

“I woke up this morning thinking about how people forget to LOVE. Don’t put your energy into hurt, anger, & things untrue. Too often do we get distracted from a life meant for truth.

Please if you see people around you struggling, or troubled… Don’t be selfish. You can start today to build. Build the people around you up. Encourage them, with love. Show them the hope. Show them they can be everything they were meant to be. Show them how AWESOME they are. ”

We’re all just human. Don’t forget to put your friends and family first sometimes. Don’t be the one to tear it down. Don’t be the one to tell them all the things they did wrong. Tell them all the things they do RIGHT. “

Too many times I have experienced people telling each other what they do wrong instead of encouraging with kind words. Stay humble. Share love not everyone poor choices and mess ups.  Share all the good things and live in love. <3 🙂


A little while ago in my readings I stumbled upon an exercise where I was instructed to list 5 Things that make me valuable. It is quite simple and a little fun even. It gives you something to think about while being thankful for what you have and who you are as a person. You should try this too after you read mine. 🙂

5 Things that make me valuable:

  • 1. I am loved greater than I can imagine.
  • 2. I am dependable.
  • 3. I have a big heart that’s Full of Love.
  • 4. I am faithful.
  • 5. I am honest.

The second part of the exercise went into things that can destroy my worth. I don’t think I came up with these ones on my own completely. I would like to say if I recall properly my daily reading that day guided me a wee bit. However, they kept me focused on some important simple distractions from living my life intune. The way it was meant to…

5 Things that destroy my worth:

  • 1. Paying attention to lies.
  • 2. Not focusing on Truth.
  • 3. Focusing on the Negative/ Feeding it.
  • 4. Anxiety without Mediation & Prayer Time ….Stick to the plan!
  • 5. Toxic Energy & Paying Attention to it!

If you have further questions about this post or what part of it might mean….Sometimes the things I am trying to express getting received in opposite tones. Feel free to put them in the ask!