A Cheerful Heart 

They say a cheerful heart is good medicine. It brings joy and happiness to those it meets. A cheerful heart to a cheer-filled soul. Which hope turns into a more cheer-filled community.

You can tell when one carries a cheer-filled heart around inside its caged home. It beats with a fire for life and for truth. 

Like the song says…Set a fire down in my soul that I can’t contain… that I can’t control. So that those around me can see the flames that it carries. So that they see hope with each smile… with each once of laughter. Let it burn like wild fire so that those around me catch fire too. 

A cheerful heart carries joy to new plces this way. A cheerful heart makes those smile when they need it the most.

A cheerful heart lists off things it knows will make you smile…until it brings a tinch of joy. 

A cheerful heart exudes true authentic joy just by being. The realest way is to just be you. Bear the gifts of what makes you YOU.

A cheerful heart will dance silly in front of you until you can’t have any other reaction but laughter. 

A cheerful heart will walk into a stale room and paint it with colors.

A cheerful heart is one of life’s mightyest glues that holds us together when we are falling apart. 

Be the glue. Carry a cheerful heart. <3