You can be the Voice

Think about it….

YOU just might be the VOICE that gives someone hope when they need it the most. You just might be the REASON someone chooses to CONTINUE the game instead of being a QUITTER. I read this the other day and I think it serves as an important reminder the affect the weight of our WORDS can carry.

We can use words to Carry people through: -Words of Hope


Tell them that no matter how rough their odds might look they have the power within them to achieve their goals and make it happen.

Tell them they have the power within themselves to live a life they LOVE They can choose happiness and they can choose LIFE.

Help paint the picture for them to see. BE the PAINTBRUSH.

Your Tribe will just ARRIVE.

How many times on social media have we seen our vibe attracts our tribe?  Over and Over AGAIN.

There is so much truth to that. Better yet looking around me, I see that my tribe just kind of arrived on its own.

Alot has happened since I left highschool > went to college > moved into a house with my friends for a summer > moved back home >moved to my boyfriends town > and landed where I am right now. Looking back I notice the most important friends I have are people who just kinda appeared. They came at times when I needed them the most and they helped me grow in the ways they were meant to. I really believe that.

I know we hear it over and over again that everything is meant to be like that but do we ever actually take a step back to recognize it in our own lives?

THINK ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE. Who are they for you?


Do we even really realize how amazing our friends are? I mean I am so grateful for the people that have stuck by me. That’s the thing though they came and they hung-out and along the way they stuck and that was that.

My tribe arrived. MY TRIBE ROCKS….as in they are my rocks. The pieces in the foundation of who I am and why I can be strong.

I am a dork. Love you guys bye.


On Loving Others

So this has come up quite a few times over the last two weeks and has been relevant to so many situations I’ve come into lately. I shared this post on facebook and I’m going to re-share it here…

If your looking for a way to love others better….Here is a good start. Sometimes we don’t realize that even out of love we can cause hurtful and painfulsituations for those around us.

Original Post:

“I woke up this morning thinking about how people forget to LOVE. Don’t put your energy into hurt, anger, & things untrue. Too often do we get distracted from a life meant for truth.

Please if you see people around you struggling, or troubled… Don’t be selfish. You can start today to build. Build the people around you up. Encourage them, with love. Show them the hope. Show them they can be everything they were meant to be. Show them how AWESOME they are. ”

We’re all just human. Don’t forget to put your friends and family first sometimes. Don’t be the one to tear it down. Don’t be the one to tell them all the things they did wrong. Tell them all the things they do RIGHT. “

Too many times I have experienced people telling each other what they do wrong instead of encouraging with kind words. Stay humble. Share love not everyone poor choices and mess ups.  Share all the good things and live in love. <3 🙂