You can be the Voice

Think about it….

YOU just might be the VOICE that gives someone hope when they need it the most. You just might be the REASON someone chooses to CONTINUE the game instead of being a QUITTER. I read this the other day and I think it serves as an important reminder the affect the weight of our WORDS can carry.

We can use words to Carry people through: -Words of Hope


Tell them that no matter how rough their odds might look they have the power within them to achieve their goals and make it happen.

Tell them they have the power within themselves to live a life they LOVE They can choose happiness and they can choose LIFE.

Help paint the picture for them to see. BE the PAINTBRUSH.

Choices and Emotions 

Emotions come and emotions go. They leave is feeing high and they leave us feeling low. They are as fleeting as the time on a nice and sunny day in Mid July or a shooting star across the sky. The way they fleet is a reason to keep in mind how they can affect the choices you will make. 

They can be dangerous if not handled with precautions to those we hold close the most. Our friends, family, our partners in crime

One way you can avoid a disaster zone is to reflect for some time on decisions of any importance. Take your time to weigh your options, your opportunities, and your approach. Give plenty of thought to to why those emotions might be guiding you one way or another and mediate or pause on that even. 

This is more of a warning to be concious of your own emotional triggered reactions if it is anything really, even in your everyday life. 

Navigate through that emotional rollercoaster of life with caution. Xo. Xo. 

Words Of Encouragement

Yesterday in my daily readings I came across some good thoughts on encouraging others. The concept was that anyone you passed throughout any day could be carrying invisible signs that say “Encourage Me.” I often feel this when I come across older people wandering alone in shopping centers, or younger people who are struggling with their studies. Sometimes it is people the same age as me struggling with where exactly they want their life to go.

All I know is this. If you see someone, and you can see in their face that they are struggling with something…whether you know them or not. You can always find something encouraging to say. You can see what kind of Joy you might be able to bring to their day, and slightly push them out of whatever is so troubling. Humble yourselves, remember that we all struggle and out of your experiences help others too.

Encouraging words should come naturally. Whether is a simple “You’ve got this!” or an in-depth conversation see what you can bring to the situation…Big or Small.

“Wherefore exhort one another, and build each other up, even as also ye do.” <3