Sometimes we need to STOP…

This was a thought I was having last week…during a time I was feeling quite mellow. We need to stop trying to OVER-Simplifying peoples problems for them. We do this by either trying to fix it for them…or pushing them to fix it for themselves.

When sometimes we are really just meant to FEEL! Sometimes I just want to soak in what it is I am feeling even if It might not be the most positive or happiest of emotions…I COULD potentially be feeling.


I fully believe as humans in our experience we are meant to feel instead of trying to slap a bandaid over everything and carrying on our merry way.

We were made to feel. We were made to process what it is we are feeling and put meaning to it. We are meant to learn and take lessons from those feelings.

That is not to say that some feelings aren’t FICKLE…and should be taken with a grain of salt. Maybe even the ficklest of emotions serves as a lamp to light our paths and keep us in the right track.

So keep in mind.

It is okay and perfect in its’ own way to have DOWN days. Life is meaningful on the cloudy days too. 💕

It is okay to take time to really process what it is your feeling,
so that you really get the depth of it.

…The DEPTH of you learning from it and your HEALING from what it is that has caused you to feel some type of way.

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