Protecting the Fragile Feminine Spirit

In light of recent events I have watched occur before my eyes. It is important to remember the fragileness of the spirit that a woman carries.

I have seen my friends in tears, broken for a brief part of their day…Why? Well lately a few individals I know have been having harsh attitudes and words that get thrown at them constantly. This is often by the people in their lives who should be unconditionally loving them the most—their significant others, boyfriends, husbands, & other-halves.

By the PERSON who should cherish that spirit the most!!!!

It seems though the more time goes on in some of these relationships people think less and less of how their attitudes affect one another and it becomes more and more out of control. Little bit my little bit people become bitter towards one another. You might tell yourself it is okay because you are only being a little mean. Excusing yourself of being a little mean turns into hatred and resentment that grows over time without accountability.

Be aware of your actions.

Be aware of how your words bite into depths of your love.

Protect her heart.
Protect her spirit.
Women are soft.
Do NOT yell at them. She may be fierce and brave but cruel words spoken from someone who should care the most will completely shatter that in a matter of seconds.

Yes I know. Women can be the same way but that is a post for another time. Kind words work both ways….but this post is to remind you no matter how rugged and fiesty she may be on the outside….

Her spirit is fragile from within.

Hug your Sugar Mommas a little tigthter tonight.

Xoxo Ashley




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