On Loving Others

So this has come up quite a few times over the last two weeks and has been relevant to so many situations I’ve come into lately. I shared this post on facebook and I’m going to re-share it here…

If your looking for a way to love others better….Here is a good start. Sometimes we don’t realize that even out of love we can cause hurtful and painfulsituations for those around us.

Original Post:

“I woke up this morning thinking about how people forget to LOVE. Don’t put your energy into hurt, anger, & things untrue. Too often do we get distracted from a life meant for truth.

Please if you see people around you struggling, or troubled… Don’t be selfish. You can start today to build. Build the people around you up. Encourage them, with love. Show them the hope. Show them they can be everything they were meant to be. Show them how AWESOME they are. ”

We’re all just human. Don’t forget to put your friends and family first sometimes. Don’t be the one to tear it down. Don’t be the one to tell them all the things they did wrong. Tell them all the things they do RIGHT. “

Too many times I have experienced people telling each other what they do wrong instead of encouraging with kind words. Stay humble. Share love not everyone poor choices and mess ups.  Share all the good things and live in love. <3 🙂