Mount Marcy Adventure

In first week of October, my handsome boyfriend celebrated his birthday. He wanted to get out and have a wee bit of an adventure but he wasn’t too sure what he wanted that to be. I knew it would end up being a mixture of spontaneity and small amount of planning but I think we pulled it off pretty well. My boyfriend narrowed it down to some hiking in the Adirondacks. I knew Isaac would want to Go BIG or Go Home so even after showing him all the beginner trails and intermediate ones we decided lets just hike the tallest peak in the state of New York. I mean why not. >.< So Thursday October the 6th we spent 10.5 hours hiking to the top of Mount Marcy and back again. I will tell you up front is wasn’t all pretty. haha. Never listen to the other people on the trial when they say your “Almost There” almost there to them might be a few more hours. >.< Or don’t take my advice and believe it if it helps encouraging to keep moving on. 🙂


Pretty quick into the trip we stopped for a few quick photographs at Marcy Dam. It seems to be quite the popular spot for those who hike the trails often.


On they way up to the peak. We even got to catch some rays of sunshine. I honestly would rather hike in chilly fall weather then a hot sunny day…100% of the time. That won’t always be how it goes though 😛 It was great for not getting too warm or chilly! This little creek here was one of my favorite spots on the trip up. We had a late start for this specific climb. We wanted to move as fast as possible so we could get back before dark…That definitely did not happen. (We spent about 2.5 hours give or take in the dark with some new trail friends. ) I felt as though it was hard to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors when you are in a race to the top of a mountain. Especially one where it takes 7.2 miles to get to the top!!!! Also just so you know 1 mile is about distance of the block my house is on. I can probably walk that in about 12 minutes. 1 mile in the woods up a mountain is nothing like that. 1 mile like that is like 25 in hiking conversions. 😛 😛 😛



I didn’t spend too much time taking pictures from the Trail head to the top. However after spending about 6+ miles in the woods the trail opened up a bit and we realized we were about the hike the Mountain part of the Mountain. There were some tears, I’m not gonna hide it. When I realized we hadn’t even gotten to the Mountain Climbing part of the mountain yet. When we got to this opening….We were both pretty stoked. I guess I didn’t realize how Mountain-ey looking New York State could be. I was in complete awe. It’s one of those moments where your like…I need to get out more. No words for the first glimpse’s of the peaks. I be like oh hey!



Honestly, the whole Mountain Climbing part of the Mountain, (The giant rocks you can crawl up if your like me.) That part (I honestly didn’t think my legs could handle anymore)….Was pretty fun and went by really fast. I mean pretty darn fast. We saw a woman running down the rock faces whilst her dog carried all of their belongings it seemed like. She was literally running down the steep part where I decided crawling was my best option. >.< I can’t even.


Also Isaac and I thought we were probably the last people on the trail on our way up at that time of day. Most people thought we were heading back before the sun set. I would say about 85% of the way up Isaac looked down below where there were some other levels. He saw a man sprinting yess SPRINTING up the rock faces! We then concluded that we COULD not be the last people to the top as long as we BOOKED it on up the rest of the steep inclines. We did beat him but mannnnnnn that guy was moving. I have no idea how people have that level of energy. Maybe he was on some adrenaline rush to the top. Before I knew it we were at the top.



We stopped to enjoy some trail snacks before exploring the top a little bit. I wish we had more time to enjoy at the top like most of the other hikers did. (We got to our hotel really late the night before which threw the whole next day off quite a bit at-least time wise. We did get to see my amazing Uncle Bick for a quick bit, who gave us some great hiking, compassing, and bushwacking advice. Then we spent maybe too much time in Walmart finding snacks, emergency supplies, and some extra Mountain essentials. ) We even got to talk to that crazy sprinting man at the top. He was quite interesting. Had nothing on him but a T-shirt.(Well pants too.) We laughed with him about how fast we saw him moving and how we thought he was crazy. He was all “ya I just wanted to make it up here real quick okay I’m gonna head back.” I even bet that guy made it back before dark.


Don’t mind me and my super cold looking face. Our new friends took a couple pictures of us. Trail people are the best people.


Isaac took this one. ^


We made it!



I’m on top of New York!!!


Isaacs on top of New York!


The way back down. I don’t even have too many words for. I literally was in “autopilot” mode as a new trail friend Joe had put it. After twisting both of my ankles pretty hard (without a sprain just a quick snap and back) and a pretty loud scream from me. We decided it was best to all stick together. It was getting kind of dark and my legs and feet were not doing the best at balancing on top of all the rocks you had to hop to get down many many parts of the trail. Jump from rock to rock it seemed like all until there was probably only 2 miles left to get back to the parked cars. After dusk when it became pretty dark and it wasn’t as hard for your eyes to see where your feet were landing. We learned a little about our new friends. The one gentleman was named Dario and the other was his father in law Joe. Good people. We exchanged some trail snacks and some good stories. We made it home that night. We also hit a Giant Porcupine heading out of the ADKs. Thanks for the adventure HONEY <3! The End


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