I am here for you. 

I am here for you. I don’t want you to feel alone. I don’t for you to ever be so upset with who you are turning out to be. I don’t want you to feel like this world has failed you because there is soooo much beauty left in it. 

I don’t want you to ever feel so weak that you don’t know where to go. That you are so sooo drawn towards a path where no light can be found. I hope you never feel this way. I hope that even though you think that there is no hope…I want to promise you that there is. 

Choose a different path. Choose the light. Know that you have made it this far and for that you are strong. Don’t you dare assume that it can only get worse from here!

Do you know what that is? Do you? That is the realest evil in this world. 

When you have those thoughts or if you ever feel like that….my hope is that you will be consciously aware that you are better than that. Even if you think that you can’t escape those thoughts… I want you to know that that is not the truth

That I am here for you. That you are one of a kind. That you where made for this. Made to live your life in truth not lies.

That if you look around you have people willing to be there for you. That you are loved greatly by them. That they would be the support you need if you just use your words to tell them how…how they can help even if just for a moment. Tell them you need them. Tell them how grateful you are to have them around.

Stand tall. Stand proud. If you’ve ever thought you have messed up so bad that you yourself are unfixable. Don’t it is a lie. A mighty stupid one at that. All your mistakes are what make your fingerprints unique. They are what make you human. Everytime you have messed up….that is forgiveable. That is grace.

If there are people in your life who can’t forgive you. It happens. But you can forgive them. That’s grace! You can take that piece of warmth called grace in your heart and love them with all your might! Be the bigger person. Be the definition of love. I promise it will warm you right up and bring hope.  

On top of all of this. You need to forgive yourself. You need to be able to look yourself in the mirror and love the crap out if that person! It will take time. Step by step but you can get there. You are the only person who can be you. So give it your all. Choose life. Choose to live. 

My highest hope for you is that you LOVE yourself. Take care of yourself. Don’t bring harm to yourself because things can get rough. I don’t want you to ever feel like the only you can turn too is negative forms of addictions. The only thing I want you addicted to is loving yourself and those around you. Keep them close and stay on a true well lit path.