Freely Give


So quick we are to take yet forget what happiness giving can bring. So often we are excited for the days of the year we are to receive gifts yet forget how much excitement giving can bring when we see the joy that it brings out in others. That’s what happiness is about isn’t it? True Authentic Joy. Although gifts are a great example of giving and receiving in life; don’t forget to meditate on more than just the obvious paradigm.

There are many ways in which you can give. You can give your time. Which I am sure will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed with the people in your life. Don’t sit alone in your room for too long, or forget to visit relatives you might not have seen in awhile!

You can give your talents. In which ways can you use the talents you hold to help others in your life and community? I’m sure you use them all the time without realize it. Making a conscious effort of how you use them will bring joyto your day. Maybe one of your talents is baking, and that hot apple pie brought taste-filled happiness to your family get together. Maybe you are talented with fixing cars. That flat your sibling just got, that you helped fix could have saved the day. There are many ways in which we use are talents everyday to help the ones we love.

Give Humbly. Give without expecting anything in return. Give without boast or prideful measurements.

Give Wisely. Give a Pure Attitude. Give Gratitude. Give Advice.  Give to someone today.