Fighting Anxieties with Faith 

It is a small start to a bigger plan. A small step in the right direction. Grow a little faith into what is yet to come. Yeah. Grow a little. Let it grow. Let it begin.

Before something can grow we must plant a seed of hope. Plant a little start. Plant a step that will lead to smaller anxieties. To the point that they shrink and shrink. Where we start to feel more in control and less worries. Having faith in the outcomes the future will bring is a great way to begin. This I must admit is much easier to some than others. 

Why not try it out though? Why not have faith that you are strong enough to overcome what may. 

Have Faith that it will go the way you wish to see. 

Have  Faith in your future. 

Have Faith in truth. Seek it everywhere.

Have Faith in undying grace. May it carry you. 

Have  Faith to trust, in yourself, your people, those you hold dearest. 

Have Faith in Love. You are loved in so many different ways. Be love in return. Be full of it. 

Have Faith in your journey. Whereever you may go. There you are. (Great book 😉

Have Faith , in what happens is for a reason. Although something may seem bad in the moment…seek what it may lead to. 

Have Faith, when you are alive for another day. That you are still here. 

Have Faith for now. Have Faith when disbelief is much easier. When it normally would win. Choose to be faithful.

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  • Love it! Very true. And I feared from the title it would be a sticky sweet religious post (apologies to all religious folk), and it was wonderful!

    • Its okay I feared people would take it that way but I mean faith in general. Faith it will be ok <3 thank you so much!

    • There’s nothing wrong with religious folk, Sonnische. 🙂 In some ways this is what a religious person might say. After all ‘faith’ is a very strong part of most religions. I wonder why people are a little fearful of religion. Does it really make that much of a difference where the message comes from, as long as it is given? Sorry if I sound preachy!
      On another note: I have tremendous admiration for psychotherapists. And have used both (faith and counselling) in healing from anxiety.

  • Thank you so much for the follow Ashleywelizabeth. I’m really pleased for the connection and I look forward to reading more of you blog.
    This is a great post: wonderful advice! I loved it – thank you! 🙂

  • Its really very beautiful. having faith in ourselves always work out. the world stands due to faith and love, sole reasons for existence of mankind till today. i loved reading this, amazing! 🙂 xx

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