Let it go…

Dismiss the parts of your days that cause you unnecessary trouble and pain. 

Tonight I came across a phrase I wrote down sometime last year. It was in a daily reading I believe and everytime I stumble across it, I remember how important it is to listen to it. 

Whatever your trouble is…DROP it. LEAVE it. and DISMISS it from your day. Just let it go! Stress causes soo much wear and tear on our bodies and minds. We don’t need to worry about all the people and problems that brought this stress to our day. It only causes us pain. It only causes our bodies to age that much faster. It only causes our spirits to break that much easier. I know its hard to be aware whilst the bustle is happening. But try. <3 

When someone giving ya an attidude! 

When you pop a tire! 

When ya kids are acting up!

When someones upset with you!

When you don’t agree with someone on social media!

When its storming on ya picnic!

When you have overdue bills!

When things aren’t going your way! 

Get rid of that negative energy. Dismiss it.