Choosing the Right Attitude during Difficult Times

This post may relate to my earlier one about growing pains. There I explained how during difficult times we can be stretched and pushed to grow by the situatitions and feelings we experience during those times. However, as transforming as those times can be for us they could turn quickly into periods filled with negativity and pain

Although they say no pain, no gain…it is important to be concosiously aware of your attidude during these times. We must choose to move forward instead of being stuck in wallowing in our worrying and our woes. We must choose to face the challenges to come strong and steady; but calm, peaceful, and ready

Don’t give up. Let the downs make you stronger and prepared for the next bump in the road. You are strong and you are willing. Let your peace of mind be prepared for the challenges to come. Stay faithful that no matter what happens you are alive and good things are yet to come.