Never underestimate the power of a Thank you. One thing that I found so beautiful about working at a hotel is the Thank yous I receive

Also I really like the good nights too. I think it’s cute when complete strangers from foreign countries feel the need to say good night. It’s almost like it makes them feel a little more comfortable and at home if they can just say it to one person before they retire to their rooms at the end their day.

This post is about Thank Yous though. Lets stay on point… One day I took note to the vast amount of Thanks yous I received while handing people their keys at check in time. I thought Thank yous make strangers welcoming lighthouses I really like that. It also makes your feel a little bit more comfortable around strangers as if to say, “Hey, I’m not so bad really.” It’s like Thank you = Instant Friend….or at least a pretty cool human being.

Thank yous bring to attention to appreciation for simple acts that are typical things that you would just do normally in the day. Being nice…Those Thank yous are the funniest. Its like oh your welcome I thought being nice was standard but I forget sometimes its not everyone can be. But Thank yous for appreciation are like “Hey thanks for liking my efforts to make your day a little better.”

Don’t forget to say them to the strangers you meet who might have helped make your day a little bit easier. That lady in the check out line at the grocery story who let you go in front of her because you have less items. Yah! SayThank you to her. Or maybe that man who offered a helping hand when it looked like you were carrying too much to handle. Yah say Thank you too him too. It reminds you that there is still good left and the world. Don’t take it for granted. Let them know that their sunshine is muchly appreciated.

I just really like how no matter what our guests native language is, they all know how to say Thank you. A Thank you is universal gratitude that keeps us all connected. It makes me happy, and it lets me know I’m doing a good job.