Sometimes we need to STOP…

This was a thought I was having last week…during a time I was feeling quite mellow. We need to stop trying to OVER-Simplifying peoples problems for them. We do this by either trying to fix it for them…or pushing them to fix it for themselves.

When sometimes we are really just meant to FEEL! Sometimes I just want to soak in what it is I am feeling even if It might not be the most positive or happiest of emotions…I COULD potentially be feeling.


I fully believe as humans in our experience we are meant to feel instead of trying to slap a bandaid over everything and carrying on our merry way.

We were made to feel. We were made to process what it is we are feeling and put meaning to it. We are meant to learn and take lessons from those feelings.

That is not to say that some feelings aren’t FICKLE…and should be taken with a grain of salt. Maybe even the ficklest of emotions serves as a lamp to light our paths and keep us in the right track.

So keep in mind.

It is okay and perfect in its’ own way to have DOWN days. Life is meaningful on the cloudy days too. 💕

It is okay to take time to really process what it is your feeling,
so that you really get the depth of it.

…The DEPTH of you learning from it and your HEALING from what it is that has caused you to feel some type of way.

Protecting the Fragile Feminine Spirit

In light of recent events I have watched occur before my eyes. It is important to remember the fragileness of the spirit that a woman carries.

I have seen my friends in tears, broken for a brief part of their day…Why? Well lately a few individals I know have been having harsh attitudes and words that get thrown at them constantly. This is often by the people in their lives who should be unconditionally loving them the most—their significant others, boyfriends, husbands, & other-halves.

By the PERSON who should cherish that spirit the most!!!!

It seems though the more time goes on in some of these relationships people think less and less of how their attitudes affect one another and it becomes more and more out of control. Little bit my little bit people become bitter towards one another. You might tell yourself it is okay because you are only being a little mean. Excusing yourself of being a little mean turns into hatred and resentment that grows over time without accountability.

Be aware of your actions.

Be aware of how your words bite into depths of your love.

Protect her heart.
Protect her spirit.
Women are soft.
Do NOT yell at them. She may be fierce and brave but cruel words spoken from someone who should care the most will completely shatter that in a matter of seconds.

Yes I know. Women can be the same way but that is a post for another time. Kind words work both ways….but this post is to remind you no matter how rugged and fiesty she may be on the outside….

Her spirit is fragile from within.

Hug your Sugar Mommas a little tigthter tonight.

Xoxo Ashley




You can be the Voice

Think about it….

YOU just might be the VOICE that gives someone hope when they need it the most. You just might be the REASON someone chooses to CONTINUE the game instead of being a QUITTER. I read this the other day and I think it serves as an important reminder the affect the weight of our WORDS can carry.

We can use words to Carry people through: -Words of Hope


Tell them that no matter how rough their odds might look they have the power within them to achieve their goals and make it happen.

Tell them they have the power within themselves to live a life they LOVE They can choose happiness and they can choose LIFE.

Help paint the picture for them to see. BE the PAINTBRUSH.

Here I am.

Here I am. Here I am found. The end to 2017 left me with a whirlwind of emotions which left me estranged from my blog. Writing was the last thing on my mind. I was left feeling worn, tired, and torn. In order to make room for healing and growth I focused inward and spent much time meditating on my each and every move. I have already written out a fair amount of content to share in the upcoming months and have decided to add some Vlogs to the mix as well.

I felt in 2017 that my blog did not need a face to it…I wanted people to be able to soak in my content without it needing one. However, my perspective is shifting and I believe sharing more of myself with my readers will help them to connect with me on a different playing field…Make it more “authentically me” in a way. There are also some things that I may be able express better through talking out loud it is just a different type of flow.

While I was gone…I was shocked to see how many people came back for posts and visited regularly. Thank you so much for the love. I am excited to start off 2018 with you guys.

Peace and Love

-Ashley. The voice at The Rooted Pine. <3