You are already loved

When discussing the topic of being loved by others it seems many people have the belief that being loved is something that is EARNED and that are certain things we MUST do to up-keep LOVE by those who we give it to.

Amongst those wondering and fickle beliefs there are TRUTHS….and there are also LIES. Love is not something that has to be EARNED. I read once that it can only be given, but for two people to love each other they must be TRUE in nature.

It’s such a deep topic to stumble upon because there is really so much MORE to love and how we share/create it within our own individual and unique lives….yet CAN love be TRUE if we are not first TRUE to ourselves and others? With the ones we love? If they are true with us?

If we are untrue in our thoughts and actions, the way we carry ourselves even…that means our love is UNTRUE as well. It means our friendships, relationships, our families and everything we think we LOVE are built on a bed of broken truths. This is an extremely unsafe foundation for taking care of the people we love.  How people can let this happen?

I have nothing left to give but fight for truth everything single time. Even if it hurts. Even if it makes everything more complicated. Maybe it was built into my design. I will always be a warrior for it….so when I see people sad and hurting because they are exhausted by trying to EARN love from others. I want them to slow down for a minute and realize that TRUE love cannot be EARNED. The people who love you…already love you for who you are every single day.



Stop fearing

In some of my devotional notes recently I came across a topic that I don’t often come across…FEAR. Fearing what exactly?

—What we have to give and share with others in this world .

How many times might we have missed out on an opportunity to lend support, ideas, inspiration, encouragement,  or our possibly biased but selfless opinions on how to go from here on out? It is probably because we fear the possible judgment and criticism that goes along the vulnerability of sharing it with others.

Although you may have to use your best judgement on what exactly you should the long run what it really comes down to is whether you believe that what you have to give will positively affect that person and benefit/help others.

For example, I feel within the last year alone I have stepped up during times I would have normally been passive. In my head alot of the time I thought helping out just seemed too risky

—Would my friends judge me?

—Are they going to interpret what I have to say in a way which is totally NOT what I am going for here? !

—Does it come off as too much?

—They are totally going to think I am nuts. 

Just some random thoughts…you know that might pop up.

Over all lately I feel like I am ruthlessly not holding back in this department. Why? I took a couple pretty big leaps into the fearful abyss of what I had to give to others in the last year…and watching myself and others grow because of those leaps is probably one of the most rewarding things I have experienced. Not only do I feel stronger emotionally and spiritually…I have acquired lasting friendships built on a foundation of trust and hope. As well as friends and family who know I will be there for them no matter what.

Let others know….you are there for them.

Let them know they are loved.