The Lack of Realness

I can’t remember where exactly it was I came across this phrase quiet recently. I believe it was within a youtube video about a cinematographer explaining his biggest struggles with creation in a modern world.

Who have we become?

Our generations biggest downfall argumentively could be it’s Lack of Realness.

What do you mean??!!

I mean we have anything we want at any time through the internet, tv, devices, but possibly the real thing.

In our human experience we grow by struggles and learning from them. We learn from the good times as well. The ups and downs show us who we really are as a person and who we can become. 

But what if alot of this experience is robbed from because we are too distracted to realize it is even there? 

Do we even have to truly look our problems in the face when it’s easier to eat ice cream and watch netflix? 

Do we really want to grow when we are pushing our problems aside over and over again. We don’t like pain and we don’t like suffering so we will do our best it distract ourselves from it.

We do things like binge watch netflix to avoid communicating and truly knowing the people around us. 

We do things like reading books or playing games on electronic devices instead of really sitting down and facing one another.

Talk about your hopes and dreams. Talk about what you need to feed your soul. Truly. Especially in romantic relationships. 

It seems so hard for two people to really communicate in ways that should be easy…but we lost track of how because there are cute outfits on instagram to be looking at or vloggers traveling the world…

But what about ourlives? The realness of them? 

A little bit of “me-time” on social media is good for the soul…but not the point to where we forget about our own.

People are becoming so distracted by their habits that they are loosing out on a rich-fulfilling realness of their own.

I think if we are going to fix this we must first assess what we are lacking.

If you feel motivated to restore the realness factor…stop running away from everything and face it head on. 

If you crave realness with those around you. Start by asking questions. Try your hardest to understand people with an open, non-biased, selfless heart. 

Cut the tv habits back a little/video games/distracting habits. Set aside time atleast once a week to really dig in with the people who are important to you. 

Assess with yourself. It dosent have just about your family/signifcant other. Be real with yourself too. 

Bring back the realness. Spend more time being true.