Choosing the Right Attitude during Difficult Times

This post may relate to my earlier one about growing pains. There I explained how during difficult times we can be stretched and pushed to grow by the situatitions and feelings we experience during those times. However, as transforming as those times can be for us they could turn quickly into periods filled with negativity and pain

Although they say no pain, no gain…it is important to be concosiously aware of your attidude during these times. We must choose to move forward instead of being stuck in wallowing in our worrying and our woes. We must choose to face the challenges to come strong and steady; but calm, peaceful, and ready

Don’t give up. Let the downs make you stronger and prepared for the next bump in the road. You are strong and you are willing. Let your peace of mind be prepared for the challenges to come. Stay faithful that no matter what happens you are alive and good things are yet to come. 

On Healthy Friendships

Sometimes in our lives we get caught up with being friends with people who are simply not healthy for us. As much as we like to hold up a strong and positive frame of mind, unhealthy friendships take a tole on our spirit

Not always do we have to be the people that hold one side of the relationship up. It is hard being a good friend to someone that does not have the means or stability to return the favor. 

As beautiful as it to be a friend who can help strengthen others in their daily lives and be there for them. The constant wear of not being a good friend in return can be tiring. In no way would I call out to others to stop being somones’ support system, someones helping hand, or someones guide….

I call out to you as a reminder to also be a friend to yourself. Make yourself strong, take rest. Taking time to build yourself up, digging your roots into the ground. Your alone time. Your me time. Spending this time with yourself will give you the time and strength you need to be a support system once again. I call out to you so that you may be more conciously aware of the affect these relationships can have on you. 

It is also important that even though you may have friends who inadvertently wear on your spirit, that you remember to surround yourself with people who inspire you. Take time to spend with those who make your heart smile. Take time to with those who lift your spirit. When your feeling worn down and out of luck…spend time with those people doing things that bring joy

Choices and Emotions 

Emotions come and emotions go. They leave is feeing high and they leave us feeling low. They are as fleeting as the time on a nice and sunny day in Mid July or a shooting star across the sky. The way they fleet is a reason to keep in mind how they can affect the choices you will make. 

They can be dangerous if not handled with precautions to those we hold close the most. Our friends, family, our partners in crime

One way you can avoid a disaster zone is to reflect for some time on decisions of any importance. Take your time to weigh your options, your opportunities, and your approach. Give plenty of thought to to why those emotions might be guiding you one way or another and mediate or pause on that even. 

This is more of a warning to be concious of your own emotional triggered reactions if it is anything really, even in your everyday life. 

Navigate through that emotional rollercoaster of life with caution. Xo. Xo.